How It Works

Madden 22 has brought new changes in the methods taken in order to deliver coins to customers. This is due to the fact that there is now a price range limitation on majority of cards on the market at any given time.

When purchasing at, we have added two features.

(1) You're given the ability to do an express checkout. What is this?

Express Checkout, allows you to skip the player form process and purchase coins from us straight away, you'll then be contacted by team via Email or the Telephone Number if provided or you can visit our Live Chat and we'll request your player card details that way and provide any assistance if needed.

(2) You're given the ability to add multiple players to the player form.

With price ranges on the market, it may be required to provide multiple players in order to receive your full amount of coins. For example. if you purchase 350,000 coins, you might list 4 cards on the market of varying prices. E.g (81 OVR - 92,000 | 80 OVR - 80,000 | 82 OVR - 89,000 | 82 OVR 89,000)

Here are a few methods that could also be considered when aiding your decision of listing cards to provide to us in order to deliver the coins:

Listing high overall cards in order to transfer more coins - in which after the InstantMaddenCoins team member will trade the card back to you. E.g. you have purchased 800,000 and have an 89 OVR card which you can list 800,000 coins - we'll purchase that player and trade your 89 OVR card back to you.

• Adding cost of card when listing - For a high value order with where you are using a high value card and don't want to be traded back the card, you may add the price of the card onto the listing. For example, you buy 400,000 coins and have a high value card worth 250,000 - you may list the card for 650,000 on the market netting the 400,000 coins you ordered plus the 250,000 coin value of the card you have just sold to us. If you're willing to do this, you may decide opt to do this via Express Checkout instead.

Using Special Cards with high max values - You may use PLATINUM CARDS as a way of listing cards on the Auction House with a high Buy Now value. These are 80-87 OVR cards with a yellow wording on  the bottom, which when we trade back to you after purchasing your card can be quick sold for coins.

• Special Hours Event - During the initial launch hours of new cards such as Team of the Week, Legends etc, they are released with no price range. You can take advantage of this time in order to list low rated Special cards for high value. Typically new cards come out at 10:30 AM EST or 2PM EST where the first 1-2 hours show no presence of a Max Value on the cards.


NOTE: If you have low coins, please opt for our Express Checkout option so that you can be contacted or you can visit the Live Chat where we can provide assistance. Otherwise, you could do a smaller purchase first where you can list several low-end cheaper players to increase your coin balance.

How do I find the Maximum Price of a card? You can do this by checking the card information in your item binder. Otherwise, if purchasing from the Auction House before listing you can always check the Max Value under Auction Details.