Super Bowl Past Promo

This morning brings Madden Ultimate Teams very own ‘Super Bowl Past’ programme. This is set to feature a range of new players, solos, sets House Rules and even more Store Item’s. Over the following weeks a variety of Super Bowl Program content will be released. Below you will see a breakdown of the Super Bowl Past Program players.


Super Bowl Past Pt.1

Super Bowl Past Pt.2

Super Bowl Past Pt.3

96 Steve Young (QB)

96 Gene Upshaw (LG)

96 Derrick Brooks (ROLB)

95 Sony Michel (HB)

95 Malcolm Butler (CB)

95 Julian Edelman (WR)

95 Adam Timmerman (RG)

95 Ben Roethlisberger (QB)

95 Lane Johnson (RT)

92 John Johnson III (SS)

95 Brandon Graham (RE)

95 Malcolm Smith (LOLB)

90 Robert Alford (CB)

92 Nick Foles (QB)

92 Derek Wolfe (LE)

88 Frank Gore (HB)

90 Nate Solder (LT)

90 David Andrews (C)

86 Eli Manning (QB)

88 Danny Trevathan (MLB)

88 J.R. Sweezy (RG)

84 Chris Hogan (WR)

84 Joe Flaccoo (QB)

86 Jake Matthews (RT)

82 Russell Okung (LT)

82 Jermaine Kearse (WR)

84 Kelecchi Osemele (LG)


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